Facial cleansing and exfoliating treatments


Seborrheic and acne prone skin require individual, consistent treatment plans and complementary cosmetic treatments. Cosmetic procedures are adjusted to the current condition of the skin: presence of active inflammatory changes, excessive keratinization of sebaceous gland ostia (predominance of blackheads), occurrence of post-inflammatory discolorations or acne scars:


Our portfolio includes only effective treatments and technologies that we skilfully combine to achieve the best possible results. These are among them:

  • peeling treatments based on: Skin Tech, Neostrata, Mediderma, Mesopeel, ZO Skin Health
  • ACNELAN therapy
  • PQ AGE Evolution – all-year-round anti-ageing peeling, equalizing skin tone and structure, aligning seborrhoea
  • V Carbon Peel – carbon peel
  • Hi-Tech cosmetology treatments: Dermapen 4®, microdermabrasion, oxybrasion, cavitation peeling
  • fractional laser treatments iPixel Er:Yag of the state-of-the-art ALMA Harmony XL PRO laser platform
  • specialist clinic treatments Hydropeptide, Selvert Thermal, ZO Skin Health
  • manual cleansing

*prices for other treatments can be found in the Hi-Tech Laser Therapy and Cosmetology tab

price list
  • Acnelan treatment - face 420 zł
  • Acnelan treatment - face - set of 3 treatments 1100 zł
  • Azelaic acid Azelac Sesderma - face 280 zł
  • Mandelic acid Mesopeel Mandelic 30% - face 260 zł
  • Neostrata Citric acid - face 260 zł
  • Neostrata Glycolic acid 20% - face 260 zł
  • Neostrata Glycolic acid 35% - face 260 zł
  • Face cleansing basic treatment from 300 zł
  • Mini-cleansing in treatment 150 zł
  • Face cleansing basic treatment + chemical peel from 350 zł
  • Back cleansing treatment from 450 zł
  • Back - chemical peel from 500 zł
  • Azelaic acid Azelac Sesderma - in treatment 150 zł
  • Mandelic acid Mesopeel Mandelic 30% - in treatment 150 zł
  • Neostrata Citric acid - in treatment 150 zł
  • Neostrata Glycolic acid 20% - in treatment 150 zł
  • Neostrata Glycolic acid 35% - in treatment 150 zł
  • PQ Age 500-600 zł
  • Mesoeclat from 490 zł
  • Retix C peeling 380 zł
  • Retix Eye peel 350 zł
  • Retix C TCA Peel from 490 zł
  • ZO Peel Stimulator 420 zł
  • Skin Tech® TCA Pain Control from 470 zł
  • Skin Tech® Only Touch - 1 point 60 zł
  • Mesopeel Jessner 280 zł
  • Mesoestetic Pyruvic Peel 280 zł
  • V Carbon System from 470 zł
  • Cosmedix Jessner from 470 zł
  • Cosmedix Pomegranate Peel from 370 zł
  • Azelac System - peeling 380 zł
  • Additional mask in treatment the price is determined individually in zł



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