Treatment technology:

CooLifting® is the only device on the Polish market that combines four medical technologies for optimal results:

  • strong flow of CO2 to tissues in short pulses, which causes local expansion of blood vessels, changes in affinity of O2 hemoglobin (Böhr effect) and local pH regulation
  • high concentration of the active substances introduced through TDS (transdermic delivery systems): it facilitates the penetration of the active ingredients into the stratum corneum. The use of CoolClear® allows for additional brightening of the discoloration.
  • very high pressure, which causes mechanical stimulation of the fibroblasts.
  • low temperature (-15 C) to stimulate the contraction of the blood vessels, local cleaning of toxins and adequate oxygenation of tissues.
What’s the treatment?

The treatment with this innovative device takes only 5 minutes, is non-invasive and is without any skin damage. It does not require anesthesia and a period of convalescence. The effects of CooLiftings are visible a few minutes after the treatment and you can enjoy beautiful and healthy skin just after leaving the clinic.

Recommended therapy schemes:
    One session provides an immediate lifting effect: it smooths the skin, eliminates fine wrinkles and reduces deep wrinkles.

    The optimal therapy is 4-6 sessions per week for a rejuvenating effect: intensive stimulation of collagen and elastin synthesis, skin regeneration, improvement of skin quality and texture.
    The maintenance therapy: one treatment once every few months.

  • skin laxity, wrinkles, dis
  • great “pre-party treatment”
price list
  • Treatment price from 490 zł



    She is an excellent specialist, she knows what to do - not to exaggerate, she does not stretch results and treatment, she explains exactly what she intends to do and what she does. She’s a great anesthetic. The effects are fantastic. And she's a very nice person. I recommend it :-) Basia