Dermapen 4TM


DERMAPEN 4 is the most technologically advanced device for skin microneedling. We are one of the first five clinics in Poland and Europe that have introduced this innovative technology that has won Good Design Awards.

  • smooths out wrinkles
  • thickens the epidermal, stimulates collagen production
  • narrows the sebaceous glands’ openings (so-called pores)
  • reduces post-acne scars
  • reduces discolorations and unifies skin tone

Dermapen 4, thanks to the system of pulsating needles, facilitates the transfer of active substances to the epidermis and dermis and ensures its intensive stimulation. The resulting skin micro-injuries stimulate collagen production. Today, there is no faster and more precise micro-injection device on the market (1920 injections per second), which additionally allows full cable-free power operation.
Precisely selected injection depth (from 0.5 mm to 2.5 mm) allows for full control of the procedure performed – unlike in the case of derma-rollers and mesotherapy that is performed with a syringe and needle.
Fractional skin microneedling also allows the introduction of active substances into the skin, such as hyaluronic acid.

NEW Dermapen 4 + ÜBER Peel PRO

This is a combination of Dermapen 4 treatment with a new product from the Dp Dermaceuticals line – ÜBER Peel PRO – an especially designed peeling for use directly after the micro-injection procedure. This two-phase formula allows for optimal absorption of active substances and predictable effect of the treatment. The synergic effects of both treatments makes the combined procedure recommended for many indications: photoaging, hyperpigmentation therapy, acne, seborrhoea and many others.
Composition of the peel ÜBER Peel PRO: Mandelic acid 25%, lactic acid 5%, resorcinol 5%, hyaluronic acid 5%, pyruvic acid 5%, kojic acid 2%, retinaldehyde 0.1%, ferulic acid 0.5%, arbutin 5%, niacinamide 5%, copper tripeptide-1 1%, dimethyl isosorbide 5


Treatment with DERMAPEN 4 takes about 30 minutes. We anaesthetise the skin with an anaesthetic cream, then thoroughly sterilize it.
During the treatment, an even redness of the skin is visible, with the possibility of spot bleeding. Small, spotty bruises may appear, especially in the eye area.
Immediately after the treatment, the patient feels hot and a light burning sensation. The next day, the skin may be pink, tense, like after a light sunburn.
After the treatment and in the following days (3-4), we recommend the use of specialist soothing care and absolute sun protection with creams with SPF 50+ factor.
After 3-4 days a gentle exfoliation may occur.
After 5-7 days the healing process is completed.

Recommended therapy schemes:
– the scheme is determined individually depending on indications
– usually 4-6 series at intervals of 3-6 weeks

price list
  • Dermapen - face 800 zł
  • Dermapen - decolette 800 zł
  • Dermapen - neck 800 zł
  • Dermapen - face 3 treatments set 2100 zł
  • Dermapen - face + neck 1300 zł
  • Dermapen - face + neck 3 treatments set 3500 zł
  • Dermapen - face + neck + decolletage 1600 zł
  • Dermapen - face + neck + decolletage 3 treatments set 4300 zł
  • Dermapen + UBER Peel PRO 990 zł



    Wonderful, nice doctor - she listens carefully to the patient and also examines carefully. I was delighted that I finally had no feeling that the doctor was in a hurry, that my visit time had passed, that my question was "stupid". Oh no! That' s not the problem with Dr K. Kopeć-Pyciarz. Very carefully researched marks are a matter of my personal safety, so many thanks and I'll certainly be back. I recommend her. M.Lopez